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Colombia La Azulita coffee beans

Aroma: intensive, fruity
Flavour: apples, oranges, notes of anise
Aftertaste: honey
Acidity: vibrant, fruity
Body: round

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Product Description

This coffee comes from Antioquia department located in northwestern Colombia and it is blend of Caturra, Colombia and Catimor varietals. Coffee platns are grown at an altitude of 1825 meters by Jesus María Gaviria Galvis and washed and dry fermentated by co-op Andes, which associates and supports small holders. Full fruity flavor of Colombia La Azulita with notes of apples, oranges and anise is perfectly suited to both filter and espresso brewing methods.


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only beans, ibrik, aeropress/moka/espresso, V60, chemex, frenchpress


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