Rwanda Turengeri Kawa coffee beans

Aroma: notes of strawberries, honey and caramel
Flavour: limes, strawberries
Aftertaste: fruity
Acidity: vibrant
Body: light

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Product Description

Rwanda Turengeri Kawa Bourbon variety as well as Rwanda Coko Prime is produced by 3 African Sisters Coffee Company strives to improve economic opportunities for women coffee farmers, by empowering them with the opportunity to market their coffee. Washing station Turengeri is located in Nyakabuye sector in western Rwanda near to Nyungwe National Park. In the washing station are 62 members and nearly half of them are women. Coffee plants are grown by farmers at an altitude of 1900 metres in sandy clay volcanic soil. Ripe coffee cherries are picked and supplied in the washing station and subsequently wash processed. This coffee is characterized by notes of caramel in aroma, fruity acidity and flavor of limes and strawberries. Its profile is perfectly suited to filter brewing methods.




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100g, 250g, 1000g


only beans, ibrik, aeropress/moka/espresso, V60, chemex, frenchpress


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