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Nicaragua Los Pinos coffee

Aroma: intensive, nougat
Flavour: hazelnuts, nougat
Aftertaste: pineapple
Acidity: fruity, sweet
Body: medium

298 Kč incl. VAT

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Product Description

During our June trip to Nicaragua we had the opportunity to visit the farm Los Pinos, from which comes the latest coffee in our offer – Nicaragua Los Pinos. Los Pinos farm is located in Cerro Arenal protected landscape area in Jinotega region at an altitude of 1100-1200 meters. The farm’s owner Byron Corrales is growing coffee since 1986 and from the beginning purely ecological way without compromises. He built a self-contained system with regard to long-term ecological sustainability on its farm size of 30 hectares. Thanks to his personal approach to each of the coffee plant during the year and at harvest, the coffee from its production annually rank among the best of Nicaragua. Nicaragua Los Pinos coffee is a mixture of Red Caturra, Red Bourbon and Pacas varieties and is natural processed. Full taste with intensive notes of nougat, hazelnut and pineapple is perfectly suited to both filter and espresso brewing methods.


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only beans, ibrik, aeropress/moka/espresso, V60, chemex, frenchpress


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