Congo Katanda coffee beans

Aroma: peaches
Flavour: caramel, jasmine, peaches
Aftertaste: caramel
Acidity: fruity, sweet
Body: round, creamy

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Product Description

Congo Katanda coffee is Bourbon variety most coveted for complex acidity with intensive sweet and fruity notes. Coffee plants were grown by local farmers at an altitude of 1520-1780 m in Isale region and processed in Katanda Coffee Washing Station located near the Kivu lake. The washing station is one of 5 washing stations belonging to Virunga Coffee Company which support local farmers in the region and produce specialty coffee since 2012. Congo Katanda coffee is characterized by juicy flavor of peaches with notes of jasmine and caramel as well as sweet fruity acidity. This coffee with is perfectly suited to both filter and espresso brewing methods.


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