Ethiopia Rocko Mountain coffee beans

Aroma: fruity
Flavour: raspberries, blackberries
Aftertaste: nougat
Acidity: medium
Body: round

367 Kč incl. VAT

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Product Description

This coffee comes from around Woreda village located in the Southern Ethiopia. This is Hairloom varieties most coveted for well balanced flavour of wild berries and floral and citrus notes in the resulting cup. More than in any other country, each Ethiopian region can offer a different flavour profile of coffee, different shape and colour of coffee beans. Coffee plants around Rocko Mountain are grown at an altitude of up to 1950 -2150 metres in accordance with the local traditions without the use of chemicals. Coffee plants are grown by smallholders in their back gardens. Handpicked ripe coffee cherries are purchased by local traders who oversee the processing and sorting before selling the beans to The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.The ECX then grade the beans according to SCAA standards. This coffee with is perfectly suited to both filter and espresso brewing methods.

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