Brewing Guide

General instruction

  • The first important thing for the best final taste of coffee is its storage, coffee should be stored in a dry, cool place (not in refrigerator) in an opaque container with a good seal.


Using AeroPress you get easily and quickly an excellent coffee of finer typically balanced flavour with relatively low caffeine content. In addition, the coffee preparation in it is simple and fun and so offers many possibilities for experimenting. AeroPress consists only of a plastic cylinder, a piston, and strainer, where is a filter paper inserted. For the preparation you need 17 grams of fresh medium fine ground coffee, 250ml water at 85 ° C, AeroPress, filter paper, stirrer and timer. Insert the filter into the filter (shed the filter with hot water to get rid of the taste of paper before using it), put the strainer with the filter onto the cylinder, then put the coffee into the cylinder, place the AeroPress on a sufficiently large cup and slowly pour water on coffee up to the brim, thoroughly mix and leave for 60 seconds to extract. Then insert the piston and slowly push the coffee into the cup until you hear a hissing sound.


Moka Express
Coffee prepared in Moka pot is a homely alternative to espresso. Pot consists of three parts: the bottom container, strainer and the top of Moka pot. For preparation you need fresh medium fine ground coffee and hot water. Pour the hot water to bottom of the pot, just below the pressure relief valve and place the strainer. Put the coffee to Moka pot strainer so it reaches to the brim. Do not force coffee, just line up. Screw the pot tightly and place on stove. Then just wait until the water does not pass through the coffee strainer to the top of the container by buoyancy. When coffee stops to flow smoothly from piston, get the pot from the heat source. Now you can spill coffee into cups.


V60  Dripper
Dripper is very easy way of preparation, which helps you to get light fresh coffee. For the preparation you need 15 g of freshly coarse ground coffee, dripper, paper filter, pot with a narrow spout, 250 ml of water at 93 ° C and timer. Insert the filter to dripper (shed the filter with hot water to get rid of the taste of paper before using it), place the dripper on a sufficiently large cup, pour coffee, pour a small amount of water and wait for 20 seconds before coffee “blooms”. Then, using a circular motion gradually pour over the rest of water. Extraction should not take longer than 3 minutes.




French Press
French Press or also Cafetiere is probably the easiest way of home preparation of coffee. For the preparation French Press need 17 grams of coarse ground coffee for 250 ml of water (if your French Press has a greater volume, multiply the amount of coffee), water at 93 ° C, stirrer and timer. Put coffee into French Press, cover it with water, mix and leave for 3,5 minutes to extract. After that press coffee in the French Press with piston. After pressing the coffee pour into cups or into another container immediately to prevent “over-extracting of coffee”- the release of tannins and other substances that are responsible for the bitter taste.


Process for preparing of coffee in cezve is one of the oldest methods of coffee preparing of all and is often regarded as little ritual. For preparing coffee in cezve you need a cezve, a teaspoon of sugar and 6-9 grams of fresh, very finely ground coffee per 100ml of water. First let the sugar caramelise the cezve. After that add coffee and fill the cezve with cold water up to the neck, stir well and place the cezve on the stove. Coffee begins to boil slowly due to the heat. When it climbs the top of neck cezve, take away from the stove and wait until the coffee settles. Repeat this coffee boiling process 3 times. Tap down the content of cezve and pour coffee into prepared cups.


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